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I named this weblog Meditations after Marcus Aurelius’ book by the same name. It was a formative book for me. Along with Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, it’s one of the few things I’ve read, rather than experienced, that have materially changed my perspective. In Meditations, I will periodically share my optimism and ideas to fill innovation gaps overlooked by entrepreneurs today. Such niches are the footholds to sustainable growth and even more compelling visions down the line. You know? Built-to-last companies. I anticipate that what I share will inspire you into becoming a willing collaborator.

Outside of this weblog, my role is to lay the foundations for high-growth and purpose-driven companies. This exposure helps inform my writing on business subjects, generally-speaking. For the next while, I want to go beyond today’s noise and the “next wave” of innovation and pay attention to subjects not yet on our radar. I am betting that the unglamorous opportunities – the oft-ignored gaps – are where we can stay competitive in the industries that will shape tomorrow.

Looking forward to the ventures ahead. Watch the gap!